Julie Donchuk is a brand designer and illustrator from Ukraine. She has been addicted to art since her early childhood.

Julie attended two art schools and focused on traditional art her entire life. She recently switched to digital format and has launched her career in graphic design.

Julie is now responsible for visual branding. Her main goal is to create a special mood for every brand to make it easily recognizable.

Cristina Brambilla

Cristina is an avid hiker and has loved animals and nature since she was a child. Having worked for Alessandra as a PR and Project Manager for many years, she is creating connections with possible business partners, non-profit associations, companies, and private partners. She studied Fashion and Luxury Communication at the Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London. Currently, Cristina is also an executive assistant for “Azur-Alliance”, a luxury Conciergerie founded in Paris and now present in the major European capitals. She is very active in the Rotary Club organizing and participating in various events.

Originally from Australia and now living in Los Angeles, Danielle is a musician and songwriter, screenplay writer, celebrity interviewer, TV host, producer, and also a talented photographer. Her love for animals and nature inspired her to become an activist. During the pandemic, Danielle started her own business: Maison DeLaite, offering sustainable luxury candles with crystals and flowers in addition to essential oils. Her candles are clean-burning, pesticide-free, and Eco-friendly. She uses non-toxic soy wax, which is renewable, vegan, and paraffin-free. Unlike most candles, the wicks in her candles contain no lead or zinc.


Diana Kemp works as an editor for Alessandra and lives in Orange Country, California. She defines herself as a gifted muse of words and is a published author, screenwriter, and ghostwriter. She has also completed over one thousand jobs as a freelance writer from bios to books for clients around the world. An avid lover of animals, nature, travel, good food, and wine, her passion is to nurture the creative spirit in herself and others.

Matteo Todeschi is an engineer, former athlete, and entrepreneur. He has lived in five countries and three continents, and studied in six different universities, two of which are in the top 20 in the world in the engineering sector. In a previous life (before a bad injury) he was Italian vice-champion in windsurfing and Italian student champion in alpine skiing.

After receiving a Fulbright scholarship for young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and an MBA, he began consulting for startups. Matteo is also the founder of, a personal finance and investment blog. One year after its establishment, Investimi offers nearly 200 in-depth articles, over 20 guides and calculators, and has helped over 150,000 people.